Translytica is an independent consulting group focused on optimizing global airport operations through process simulation, statistical analysis, and design of passenger and ground operations. Our clients, airports and airlines, rely on our data to improve the passenger experience, lower operating costs, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Diagnostic Analytics

We assess airport operations through time studies, process measurements, and analysis of Big Data. Statistically-significant results uncover the effects from variability and uncertainty in processes, enabling us to work towards a solution that embraces randomness.

Predictive Analytics

We develop custom simulation and statistical models to intelligently forecast the operational impact from growth and constraints in above-wing and below-wing operations. Corresponding results drive smart decision-making and solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and on-time departures.

International Liaising

Our clients are located all over the world, and each presents distinct needs, regulatory challenges, and cultural considerations. Our job is not complete until we provide proper and efficient solutions that incorporate all applicable international factors.

Case Studies

These sample projects provide an enhanced look at some of the services that we offer. Our broad objective is to help optimize all airport operations, a goal we accomplish through detailed analysis of individual processes, such as the ones linked below. 


Salvador H. Bou

Translytica founder and Managing Principal Salvador H. Bou has a broad goal of transforming all major airports into efficient and attractive spaces with easy wayfinding, negligible wait times, and happy passengers. His previous work includes several years at Delta Air Lines’ Operations Analysis & Performance division, where he worked closely with partner carriers Virgin Atlantic, GOL Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, KLM, and SkyWest Airlines. Bou has collaborated with airport leaders around the world, including those in the United States, China, Brazil, The Netherlands, France, and Japan. His global experience has shaped him into a true subject-matter expert in industrial engineering of airport and healthcare processes. Bou also serves as Chief Operating Officer of Dr. Bou Pediatrics in Tampa.

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